Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cooking a Tortilla, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

I really like to make this tortilla and cheese and egg sandwich for breakfast, when I can find time.
Here is how you do it.
First gather your ingredients.

To start with you need a clean non stick pan and some butter, margarine, or oil. I like to use smart balance.

Then you turn on the heat to 5, let the butter melt.

Grab a couple of eggs.

Break them into the already hot pan.

Break the yolk, you could  use a spatula but my hands are dirty already so I used my fingers.

Be sure and wash your hands, what with salmonella and all.

While your eggs are cooking get your other skillet ready with some butter for the tortilla.

Flip the eggs carefully, it takes some practice.

Lay your tortilla out with some cheese on it and season it a little bit, I like weber seasonings, this is the "Kicken' Chicken" flavor.

Then season your eggs.

Gently lay your cooked eggs on the prepared tortilla.

Top this with cheese.

Throw a tortilla on top and toss the whole thing in the hot buttery skillet.

Flip it.

Remove it and cut it.

Serve it up with a smile.


  1. Very nice! I like this... why are you touching the eggs with dirty hands? Weird... ;)