Friday, March 1, 2013

Wild Mushroom Hunting

I always like finding mushrooms in the ground or on trees. They are just so special like a funky little nature zit. I was going through some of my old pictures and found some that I thought I would share.

This next one is a puffball i found next to my mailbox

I am looking forward so much to the morel season here in the Ozarks!!!!!!
This was last years haul.

Have a nice week!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cooking a Tortilla, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

I really like to make this tortilla and cheese and egg sandwich for breakfast, when I can find time.
Here is how you do it.
First gather your ingredients.

To start with you need a clean non stick pan and some butter, margarine, or oil. I like to use smart balance.

Then you turn on the heat to 5, let the butter melt.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So... at last my voice has wings, my brain has a microphone and my fingers have tappy things. The time has come to talk of many things of pizza and olives and why the mushrooms ooze out liquid that makes my pizza soggy so I have to drain it into the sink...... welcome to my brain.

I do fully intend to be more diligent in posting my thoughts via this social diary. I do have a great deal of them, thoughts, that is. But, I do feel like my thoughts don't have the merit of some other scholarly thinkers or the wit of some jesterish clever-ins. Or even the draw to keep your attention. But not to sound cliche, I don't care...... well wait let me qualify that statement; That is not to say that I don't care about you as a person, no, far from it. It's more of an admission to the failing of my personality to yield to any notions that i do not agree with. Also the tendency toward thinking things are funny that almost no one else would. Further, the being positive in the face of such a negative predisposition as all humans tend to be inclined toward.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you may be interested in then by all means follow me. If not, try back again later because I may not have explained my self well enough for you to know just how awesome i might be.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Me now

Bird and me

Danielle and me

Some creations of mine

More to come

      I imagine that burying my head in the sand of obscurity isn't something that is exclusive and not inclusive to not broadcasting "me". Let me explain, I have a lot to say but I feel that it isn't anything that someone somewhere hasn't said and so I only say it in "Real life" and at that to a select few that are in my presence at any given time. But now..........
Watch out!